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The latest design trends and developments show us: There is a demand for nature. Offices are being filled with greenery, entrances are being given vertical gardens and the need for better acoustics is growing. Our moss is extremely suitable for all of the above situations. Scientific research shows us that people become healthier, more creative and productive from the view of greenery. (Wilson, 1984) What else do you need to know?

The science

The book Biophillic Design by Edward Wilson shows that we humans have a penchant for nature. Only 1% of our time on earth we live in a built-up environment. No wonder we feel quiet and safe in nature. It is our biological home. Several studies confirm this. Another study from 2011 shows that mental and physical health of hospital patients increases significantly with the view of natural greenery. (Raanaas, 2012)

Return on investment

But why is this valuable information? This science teaches us that absenteeism decreases with employees when biophillic design is used. It provides faster response time, more correct answers and a better memory compared to people looking at images of built environments. (Kaplan, 1995) If absenteeism decreases by 1% it can save an organization of 1000 employees +/- €500.000,-, according to consulting firm YNNO.

1. Moss species

Moss is available in several varieties. The moss we use comes from Scandinavian countries and is grown in specially designated forests. It grows naturally and is harvested under supervision with respect for existing ecosystems. The moss is treated with salt so that it remains soft and colorful for years without losing its elasticity. Our moss is available in platmos, reindeer moss, spherical moss and our new fern moss.

2. Acoustic solutions

In a restless working environment it is difficult to concentrate if the acoustics are not comfortable. Less reflection of sound provides more peace and quiet. After research, project designer Akoesta concluded that moss products reduce noise by up to 95%. Logically, a large surface area of moss provides more noise reduction. Whether you install a MossWall in the office or our MossDivider, you can count on less noise nuisance and a more productive working atmosphere!

3. Advantages of moss

There are many negative assumptions about green in the workplace. This requires monthly maintenance and the fear of vermin is logical. Fortunately, our moss is completely insect-free, requires no maintenance and is 100% natural. It provides a luxurious look wherever you place it. Our moss is fire-resistant and hyperallergenic, so the safety of our products is always fully guaranteed. Last but not least, all our products are dirt- and dust repellent!

Moss colours and species


Our ultimate goal is always to get a big smile on our client’s face. Are you looking for a MossDivider, Urban Jungle Wall, MossWall or other moss creation? Contact us directly and be surprised! We look forward to getting in touch with you and don’t forget: Nature Matters!

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