wanddesign van mos door metiez uit wamel


Does your entrance provide a warm welcome to visitors? May the absenteeism go down or does the waiting room deserve more atmosphere? Our moss walls are a perfect product for these situations. Science teaches us that a view of greenery has a very positive effect on health. A moss wall at the entrance or in a waiting room provides a sustainable image and also stands out! In short, it keeps people busy. That is the power of nature.

Healthy and green

That is why nature is our favourite advisor. Science shows that absenteeism decreases significantly, people feel calm and your brain becomes more creative when looking at greenery. “Taking a break” is less necessary if you bring nature back inside. For large and small organizations this saves costs, reduces environmental noise and shows you that your employees matter!

Care and convenience

Do you find it hard to imagine what your office could look like with a moss wall? Send us some pictures of the desired space and we will provide you with an example. Making a choice is then much easier. It is also possible to implement a company logo. This way we can make your moss wall more personal and get it to have more impact. Do you already have ideas you want to share? We are curious!

Great thinking

We produce our moss walls in any desired size. Big and small. Our 100% natural moss can fill an entire wall, a number of panels or just the counter in the reception area. Logos, distinctive objects or your own idea, anything is possible! We would love to get in touch with you to see what your wishes are so that together we can make sure that our moss wall fits perfectly in your space! Feel free to call us for more information!


  • Available in all sizes
  • Photoshop example possible
  • Choice of platmos, reindeer moss, spherical moss and our new fern moss
  • Suitable for all indoor spaces
  • No maintenance required
  • No water, light or heat needed
  • Our moss is 100% natural
  • Specific color wishes? That is possible on request

More information

Curious about what leaves and plants are possible, what colour of moss can be chosen and what details are possible for the Urban Jungle Wall? Visit www.mossdivider.com for more information!

At home in green

At Metiez we are at home in green. We feel welcome there. Japanese medicine has been looking at the health benefits of everything our nature has to offer for centuries. They incorporate this in alternative medicine, their food or in their interiors. Kokedamas create this atmosphere at your workplace, the rest of the office and even at home. In this way, despite all obligations, you still have nature in your home, without having to look at it. That is the tranquility that nature offers us!

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