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nieuw mos cirkel landschap design

Moss Circles

Moss circles are totally hip. Round shapes are on the rise. They fit into any interior design, whether it is sleek, modern, business or industrial. They immediately brighten up a room and give a playful effect. Very nice to hang various sizes of circles together.

moosdivider by Metiez


A mobile moss wall that divides the space and can be assembled as desired

wanddesign van mos door metiez uit wamel


Good for the acoustics, atmosphere and experience in the office. anything is possible! Curious?

Een platmoswand met ingebouwde tv door Metiez wamel


Fully customized projects. Your own ideas We like to be challenged

wanddesign van mos door metiez uit wamel

Urban Jungle Walls

Brings your workplace to life, stimulates the imagination and requires no maintenance. Want to know more?


Noistop fences are designed to be a combination of effective noise reduction function with a simple and modern Scandinavian design style.

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