Een platmoswand met ingebouwde tv door Metiez wamel


The moss we use at Metiez can be presented in all kinds of forms. Long narrow strips along the ceiling, moss on the floor or in any other form of your choice. Everything is possible with a CustomMoss project. Do your employees always have great ideas about the interior? Invite them to think along with you! You show that your employees matter and you will be surprised what they come up with. Or do you have ideas that will make your heart beat faster? Feel free to share them! Nature doesn’t survive without working together. We are happy to take over. Shall we work together?

Tailor-made moss

With our years of experience in placing moss products, we are often surprised by the creativity of our customers. Nobody knows better what suits the company than the employees or management themselves. That’s why we like to be included in the story of your company. Which values do you want to radiate and how do we convert them into a CustomMoss project? Let’s find out together!

Explore the possibilities

The benefits of more nature in the workplace are enormous. The acoustics improve considerably, your employees can concentrate better and it looks soft and pleasant. We would like to have some contact with you to think about the possibilities and possible locations where the moss can be placed. The crazier the ideas, the more we like it. Are you challenging us?


  • Available for every room
  • No water, light and maintenance required
  • Natural treatment keeps our moss authentic and supple
  • Available in all shapes and sizes
  • Besides moss, wood, leaves, pine cones and plant branches are optional.
  • Company logos can be applied in multiple ways
  • Very good price-quality ratio

More information

To be able to think about a CustomMoss project you obviously need to know what is possible and with which parts you can compose a great project. To do so, we would like to refer you to Will we see you there?

At home in green

At Metiez we are at home in green. People like to seek out nature when they are not comfortable or need a different perspective. A different view of the environment often gives a different view of the situation. This creativity makes us people unique and gives us the opportunity to create beautiful things and think outside the box. Nature matters, we can’t ignore that.

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