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Does your workplace deserve more atmosphere? Are the ideas full of colour but the walls white? All over the world, workplaces are becoming greener and there is a greater need for flexible workspaces. To make this possible, we have developed the MossDivider. These are mobile moss walls that can be produced in any desired size. This makes it easy to create green workplaces that provide privacy and tranquility!

Privacy & less noise

A MossDivider offers privacy, is sound-absorbing and stimulates our brains. Employees can do their work undisturbed without losing the open atmosphere. Calling colleagues are less likely to be annoying, you can quietly turn on music or simply do your work with more silence. Our MossDividers are multifunctional, stand firmly on their feet and are very competitively priced.

Placement & ROI

Working environments can vary enormously. We understand that only too well. Our MossDivider can be used in every workplace. From the hospitality industry, municipalities and institutions to saunas, airport halls and government buildings. Thanks to the MossDivider, absenteeism due to illness decreases and productivity increases. Ultimately, the MossDivider pays for itself. Are there any questions about the return on investment of our products?

Custom made

Our stable MossDivider is a product that we put together in consultation. What type of wood do we use for the frame? What size should the MossDivider have? Can there be wheels underneath or is a plate sufficient?  Every workspace is different and we understand that only too well. Are you curious whether a MossDivider fits within your working environment?

*Dit is een voorbeeld, al onze MossDividers worden op maat gemaakt.


  • Contains a made-to-measure wooden frame
  • Available in several types of wood
  • Choice of platmos, reindeer moss and our famous bulb moss
  • The foot can be supplied with or without wheels
  • Easy to move with and without wheels
  • When properly covered, moss absorbs up to 95% of the sound
  • Available in different shades of green
  • Any specific colour requirements? That is possible on request

More information

Curious to find out which options are possible, which materials can be chosen and which types of wood are possible for the wooden frame? Visit our MossDivider site for more information!

At home in green

At Metiez we are at home in green. Inspired by Edward Wilson’s book Biophilia from 1984, we know that man has a penchant for living things. Nature was our home for thousands of years. It was a place of life, laughter and survival. No wonder a house can become a home thanks to more greenery. This knowledge inspires us to bring back the green with a MossDivider.

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