Urban Jungle Walls

Bringing nature in, it’s quite normal these days. Interior designers use natural elements, offices fill their walls with living green and science shows us the benefits. The disadvantage of plants is that you have to maintain them, and that costs money. Our Urban Jungle Walls offer the same look and feel and contain real plants that have been treated in a nature friendly way to keep them beautiful and fresh for years. Because of this, there are no maintenance costs. Between the Urban Jungle Walls every career tiger feels at home!

Endless possibilities

Every Urban Jungle Wall is made to measure. These creations are always unique. Besides moss, real prepared leaves are used. Ferns, eucalyptus and many other species are possible. Also bark, wood, colored accents or even your company logo can be implemented. Most important we find your wishes and ideas. We like to be surprised!

More fun and easier

Urban Jungle Walls appeal to the imagination. People associate a wall full of plants, moss and leaves with the rainforest or the Amazon. You can dream away full of fantasy and it brings the space to life! Because we use prepared leaves you don’t have to water our Urban Jungle Walls, they don’t need light and they stay beautiful for years. Will it fit? We like to think in solutions and are very flexible. It’s so easy!


  • Available for indoor areas
  • No water, light and maintenance required
  • Real prepared plants are used
  • Contains a.o. moss, wood, plants and leaves
  • Your company logo can be processed
  • Urban Jungle Walls are available in various price ranges
  • Through a natural treatment, our moss remains authentic and supple

More information

Curious about what leaves and plants are possible, what colour of moss can be chosen and what details are possible for the Urban Jungle Wall? Visit  www.mossdivider.com for more information!

At home in green

At Metiez we are at home in green. We dream of green cities in which man and nature live together in harmony. Our planes fly thanks to birds, Newton got an apple on his head and therefore wrote his gravity theory and submarines are designed based on the whale. Nature teaches, inspires and challenges us. Every day anew!

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