Noistop fences are designed to be a combination of effective noise reduction function with a simple and modern Scandinavian design style. Our specially developed ROCKWOOL stone wool core effectively dampens and absorbs noise. Our various product series are created to meet different aesthetic demands of end customers. Working closely with our professional dealers, we aim to protect people from unwanted noise and create a quiet and comfortable living environment.


NoiStop Steel

NoiStop Wood


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Curious about what leaves and plants are possible, what colour of moss can be chosen and what details are possible for the Urban Jungle Wall? Visit for more information!

At home in green

At Metiez we are at home in green. We feel welcome there. Japanese medicine has been looking at the health benefits of everything our nature has to offer for centuries. They incorporate this in alternative medicine, their food or in their interiors. Kokedamas create this atmosphere at your workplace, the rest of the office and even at home. In this way, despite all obligations, you still have nature in your home, without having to look at it. That is the tranquility that nature offers us!

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