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At Metiez we believe that nature matters. Day by day we try to make the world a bit greener. We, Anja and Hans Westerduin, do that by supplying maintenance free moss products. Think of subtle green additions to your office interior to enormous eye-catchers in reception halls and meeting rooms. We are a small company that switches quickly, delivers top quality and likes to think and do with you!

An example of our flexibility is the installation of a moss wall of 55m2 for Garnier L’Oréal at Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht. Within two weeks this project was conceived, set up and realized. We work throughout the Netherlands and deliver almost to the whole world. Quality, eye for detail and competitive prices, that’s what we strive for every day. Curious about what a moss creation can look like in your office? By means of Photoshop we create a clear impression of the atmosphere without any obligation. This way you know what you are buying! Well, that’s nice.  

Our ultimate goal is always to get a big smile on our client’s face. Are you looking for a MossDivider, Urban Jungle Wall, MossWall or other moss creation? Contact us directly and be surprised! We look forward to getting in touch with you and don’t forget: Nature Matters! 

Warm greetings,

Anja, Hans and the rest of the Metiez team

Our vision

We at Metiez believe in the power of nature. Science, the creative world and many others draw their inspiration from our natural environment. Smart solutions, beautiful works of art and countless applications find their origin in this inexhaustible source of knowledge and creation. This foundation stimulates us to bring nature back to us. It makes our bodies healthier, our surroundings more beautiful and our brains calmer. Nothing more, nothing less.


Are you curious about the benefits of bringing nature back inside? Why biophillic design can change your life or that of your employees in a positive way? We are happy to explain it to you. Please contact us!

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