The Japanese have always been progressive in their relationship and connection with nature. The term Kokedama is derived from Japanese and means moss ball. A Kokedama is a houseplant with the special feature that no pot is needed. The plants can stand or hang and radiate a natural atmosphere. There are different Kokedamas for different interior needs. Nature has something for everyone!

For companies

Also on the work floor our Kokedamas come into their own. Because of the maintenance-free ease that these plants offer, they are extremely suitable for difficult to reach locations or flex-places. Because they don’t need water, these Kokedama’s can also hang above computers or other equipment. In short, is there a need for a green view but not in maintenance?

Maintenance free

Normal plants or kokedamas need to be cared for and need regular water, light and new soil. Our Kokedama’s are real plants, 100% natural and prepared in such a way that they don’t need any care. Removing dead leaves or plants is therefore a thing of the past! Thanks to this natural treatment, our Kokedama’s will remain a treat for your interior for years to come. So people without green fingers still have a green view!


  • To be placed in hard to reach places
  • Completely maintenance free
  • No water, light or maintenance required
  • Family of the Japanese bonsai
  • Kokedamas can stand and hang
  • No pot needed

At home in green

At Metiez we are at home in green. We feel welcome there. Japanese medicine has been looking at the health benefits of everything our nature has to offer for centuries. They incorporate this in alternative medicine, their food or in their interiors. Kokedamas create this atmosphere at your workplace, the rest of the office and even at home. In this way, despite all obligations, you still have nature in your home, without having to look at it. That is the tranquility that nature offers us!

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